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Macadamia Nuts – 4 lbs


Sold in 4 lb increments.


History and Origin:

The Macadamia nut is most unusual in the family of foods. It is time to clear up misunderstandings about it and how it is prepared. The nit is produced by a tree, which was found only in Australia, (in New South Wales and South Queensland.) the geography and climate in these places is very much like Southern California. Its natural habitat was not and is not tropical.


Around 1920 Macadamia were planted on the large island of Hawaii. From that start a large marketing effort was made especially in the continental U.S. many assumed the tree was tropical. It is now produced in such areas of South and Central America.


The Nut was named in honor of John Macadam MD, the then head of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria, Australia. Today, the Mac/Nut is produced in many places, but always the climate plays an important part. The Southern California grown Macadamia, especially those grown with a costal climate, develop the best taste and size. The cause is the rate of growth. In its natural habitat and in California, the growth is slower than that of warmer wetter climates found in tropical places. This slow growth allows for the build up of its natural sugars creating the best taste and color.


Preparation is costly and time consuming. First the nut, like a Walnut, has a husk, which must be removed by a special machine. At Weathering Heights the raw nut will then be dried. The sun does this for approximately 6 months in special racks. The next process is to crack the very hard shell and separate the nut. Again a special machine and handwork is needed. Following the Weathering Heights oven dries the nuts at an even temperature, for 24 hours. They are not roasted. This is to preserve the natural flavors, which can be altered by roasting. Packaging and Labeling is, again, a hands of project.


Weathering Heights Ranch, along the Pacific Coast in Ventura County, California, grows and produces the finest Macadamias in the world. This ranch also house Rincon Mountain Winery, and Smoke Mountain Brewery. Together, these family owned producers, take great pride in offering you Macadamias par excellent.



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Weight 4 lbs