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Hass Avocados – 25 lbs



Sold in increments of 25 lbs


SHORT HISTORY OF AVOCADOS:   No one knows how many varieties there can be, since each seed will produce its own . The dominant is “Hass” named after its developer in the San Fernando Valley, Ca. This means each Hass Avocado tree is a graft, originating from the mother tree. This grand dame passed away several years ago from simple old age   The Hass fruit has a dimpled skin which gets darker when the fruit is ripe. Most commercial avocados are pre ripened in the United States. The eatable part is green, oily, with a distinctive flavor. The seed is smallish which means more food for the dollar spent. Weathering Heights grows mostly Hass, and fortunately has one grown from a seed of the mother tree and crafted from scion of the mother tree.


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Weight 25 lbs